Creating a stampede of change...because every life is precious!

Theo's Foundation is a non-profit organisation, that offers bereavement support to whole families who have lost a child of any age, we aim to support families through all types of loss. We are striving to make a stampede of change, safeguarding little people with our baby, infant and child-loss charity. 

We are based in Sheerness in Kent and are working closely in our local community to raise awareness, however - our aim is to support families and create change across the United Kingdom. 


At Theo's Foundation, we understand the profound pain and grief that comes with losing a child. Our mission is to provide support and comfort to families going through this heart-wrenching experience. Theo Sam Lee Pepper was born sleeping in October 2023 due to medical negligence. After our devastating loss we received little to no support from the professionals and felt very much alone and that our Son didn't matter to the healthcare professionals. To learn more about what had happened to Theo you can read about it on our Theo's Story page.


After investigations and press launches we found that we weren't alone with our experience of maternity care, people from up and down the country had contacted us with their stories too, which is why we wanted to create a foundation in Theo's memory to help others who have been affected and had felt so terribly lost and alone.


We want to create changes to legislations, to create improvements in the way families are treated and ensure that the whole family could receive support not just the parents as we know that child loss affects whole families not individuals. 


We want to create changes to ensure that little lives are protected where they can be and when they aren't that action can be taken and the right support is given to the families of those affected, when they need support - for however long they need support. Not just a few weeks, because losing a child is something that you never "get over" and ongoing support is required. We didn't get signposted to any further support or aftercare, or know where to turn. So we decided that we wanted to create a space online so that families could be given the links to our Socials or Website and from here find a wide variety of support, from self-help to access to other support through various charities, organisations and helplines. 


After we had decided on starting Theo's Foundation we decided our mission goal and proudly use his initials TSLP - Theo Safeguarding Little People. During the pregnancy Theo had somehow accumulated a lot of things with elephants on - clothing, toys, pictures etc this is why we chose to create a stampede for Theo and for change...because EVERY life is precious!


Baby Loss Awareness Alliance...

We are proud members of the Baby Loss Awareness Alliance, an alliance of over 150 charities and organisations dedicated to raising awareness of Baby Loss, Creating Change and Providing support to bereaved families. 

As an alliance our sense of community is important to us and work together to not only provide support but to ensure that awareness is raised and changes are made. It is important to us that every person that needs our help or support receives the very best support and know how to access help not just from individual charities but throughout the entire alliance, to ensure you have the right help and access to a variety of support and ensuring that no one feels alone and lost in their grief. It is an honour to be a part of the alliance and to be apart of the Official Baby Loss Awareness Week Campaign (BLAW).

If you would like to reach out for any support or to get involved by donating and helping to raise awareness simply email us here or for more information visit our Official Baby Loss Awareness Week page.

Our Philosophy...

Our philosophy is that every life is very precious. That's why we want to ensure that standard practice is improved and that care is tailored to the families individual needs rather than a one size fits all approach. Our mission is to create a safe space for whole families, where everyone feels listened to and supported.

Patient and Family Centred Care...

We want to ensure that when receiving care from Bereavement Specialists you are given the support and care you deserve and need. This means basing the care around each individual rather than based on a standard instruction for all. Grief is individual and your aftercare should be too. We want to make sure that whole families have access to bereavement support.

Quality of Care...

Quality of care is our top priority our aim is to ensure maternity care is improved with a higher level of standard practice & legislation in place to ensure the correct steps are taken when dealing with patients and families.

Safeguarding Little People...

Feeling safe and listened to by the professionals is essential. We want to ensure that when standards aren't followed, and the safety of a life is compromised due to negligent practice that action can and will be taken. Maternity Care should be ensuring that someone's life, where possible, is protected and cared for to the best of their ability. 

Getting Involved...


There are a variety of ways you can support Theo's Foundation and help create a stampede of change. 


This can be by signing our petition, sharing our work via social media platforms, email, text or even word of mouth. If you would like to donate to Theo's Foundation details can be found on our donation section. Alternatively you can raise funds by holding and taking part in sponsored events


Your kindness and generosity means so much to all of us here at Theo's Foundation and to each and every one of the families you help support. If you would like to find out more about what your funds are helping to achieve please see our Creating Changes page.




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